I didn’t get much done today. I tried moving the vacuum cleaner into the cupboard that housed my laundry trough with no success. It’s frustrating as all I needed was probably an extra inch!

So for now it has to stay in the locker. Which means the locker stays where it is and not down in the storage.

I spent half of the morning at S, a girl friend’s place. She lives about two blocks from me. She texted me to see if I wanted to come over as J our mutual friend that used to live across the road from me was with her.

It was nice to catch up. They are off partying in Williamstown tonight where J now lives!

As for me I’m having a quiet night since I walked into the city for lunch! Pho and little yummy Thai treats. They are coconut and sweet corn pancakes.

Tonight is a simple fare! I bought some sausages and will be having sausages in bread with some tomato sauce and pan fried onion in butter! I’m salivating just thinking about it.

Haven’t had one for yonks! Usually I go to Bunnings for them.

Then might finish off with some durian ice cream! I bought them for the kids but this mum is going to have some first!

Costed me an arm and a leg! Twin pack was like $20!

How did I waste my days away? I spent half the afternoon in bed! It’s now 5:50pm. Time to get up and fetch dinner.

I did go groceries shopping though! And I did managed a load of laundry and about 16,000 steps. So not all wasted!