When my kids were younger I would always take them to the loo with me. Even when my son was around 10 he still went with me into the Ladies.

And if anyone complained? I’d tell them can you 100% guarantee for me that my boy is not going to be sexually assaulted going into the Gent by himself?

I was really surprised when I went camping recently with Mr Wanderer to see multiple tents set up for a family.

He laughed at me when I told him I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. I mean any weirdo can come in and rape the kids!

His reasoning was they are old enough to scream? Hmmm not when you’re sleeping and someone snuffs you out?

Especially when the campsite is packed! And everyone is camping on top of each other. If you had ideas it’s very easy to see which family had young ones.

Anyhow last week a 4 years old was kidnapped from a campsite. The family was in one tent with a divider!

But the tent had multiple entrances! Why would you put the kids in a separate compartment? With their own entrance?

I would have slept with me on one side, the kids in the middle and my partner on the other side?

She’s been missing for 8 days now. Optimism is dying as days goes by. It’s so horrible.

The worse thing is where they camped was home to 10-20 people of interest aka sex offenders.

Fingers crossed the little girl will be found.

They think she’s been stalked prior at home and that’s why she’s quickly snatched as soon as there was an opportunity.