Last night’s dinner.

I made it up from multiple recipes from the internet.

A rub of salt and pepper. Leave aside for 1 hour. Then seal both side on the stove.

The binding agent: egg, 1 tablespoon of whole seeds mustard and 1 tablespoon of honey.

The crust is

1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese

1/4 cup of Rosemary

3/4 cup of Panko

8 cloves of garlic

As for how long and how high? One recipe had 450F for 15 minutes another 200C for 20-35 minutes and well I went with the second recipe and ummm the middle part was raw! So Mr Wanderer had to rescue it on the stove in a frying pan.

As for the taste? It was yummo! Now to get the cooking bit right! Plus I need to go buy myself a meat thermometer!

My Ikea delivery came. Mr Wanderer helped me put the fish tank on it before he left.

He also went to buy a small drill bit to screw my cable holders into the ceiling. I have to remember that’s how he shows his love. His love language is service.

We rode into the city today and continued on to Carlton for lunch. I struggled bad! It was very hilly.

We had focaccia for lunch. Mr Wanderer had it filled with roast chicken, cheese and rockets and I had a roasted vegies, cheese and pesto.

I ended swapping my half for a quarter of his. It was just enough.

That’s a quarter on the plate! 😂 It’s massive!

He’s left to go have dinner with his family. I’m relaxing tonight as I’ve got an early start tomorrow for work.

I’m tired today as I hardly slept last night. Since I had a nap in the afternoon yesterday I just couldn’t fall asleep.

Couldn’t find my car stacker key! Then thought oh no he’s taken it? Or I’ve left it in the car stacker on Sunday after the market!

I remembered I left the groceries in the car so had to reopen it again to grab them out. I must have been too busy with the groceries and left it.

Tonight I made my way down there thinking I might find it still on top of the car stacker unit.

Only to find a note saying someone’s got it! Thank goodness no one has claimed it. As without it I can’t open the car stacker to get my car out 😩 I’ve got a remote around somewhere. I think it might be in the car 😩 I’ll have to retrieve it tomorrow 😩

Have popped a platypus on it so if I ever lose it again I can ID it easy.