I went for a walk with my friend to her Chiro in Middle Park! It was a long walk!

Then I caught the 96 tram into the city. I figured if I had to pay for my Myki I might as well make good use of it.

I’m impressed with the lady that owns that bike. She had two baskets full of groceries.

Caught the train to Footscray. Predominantly a Viet area. Now dotted with yuppies and Ethiopians.

Then another tram to have noodle soup near the hospital. This place is not bad! They make it the traditional way with fried fat cubes 😍 oh and of course MSG as well 😩

On way back I walked.

to digest the food and take photos.

Took me awhile to figure it out. I think it’s a set but one side is not in good a shape as the other.

Further along.

My treats

$30 later! That’s a lot for snacks! The bag of coconut milk is for the dumplings. They are floating in a sugar syrup with a hint of ginger.

Next to it is chè bà ba I think it’s called. It’s got some seaweed, sweet potatoes, cassava, taro, tapioca and peanuts. I’ve had a taste. Disappointed as they didn’t make it sweet sweet! Very bland.

The red of the sticky rice comes from the gấc fruit.

It gives it a nutty kind of taste. Can’t explain it. That was yum! I haven’t had that for yonks.

Then came the banana slices. They are steamed jelly like slices.

Lucky last is like an entree dish. Consists of rice cakes with shrimps dust (dried shrimps rehydrated, boiled, processed and dried back up again in a wok) on top. The round ones has shrimps inside encased by a chewy pouch.

I’m in food heaven!