Not! As of 6pm tonight we are supposed to be let out. It means we can go to the regionals.

What a laugh! Victorians are being locked up again! Not by the government but by Mother Nature! We must be jinxed!

Gusts were uprooting trees. Don’t think it will be safe camping this weekend. Power is out. Roads blocked.

How much more bad luck can we have? The sun has come out now but I’m staying put. Well until after 3pm. Someone is coming to pick up my bike rack. Then I’ll go find a nice dinner.

I’ve moved the smaller locker in.

So I can move the rack to the wall on the right (where the locker was). That way it double as hangers for my bathroom which is right next to it. Plus I don’t bump into them going to the loo in the middle of the night. My bedroom is to the left of the rack.

Mr Boardie was bored so he came over for lunch. We had pizza from my freezer and a salad. He then helped me with the last locker down to the storage cage.

My aim today is to move the rack. Find hooks to hang the clock and some pictures on the wall.