Time. I might move the locker back. May be.

Couldn’t mount my rack. The plaster was crumbly. Crappy plaster that just tore apart. Not the dense one. My screw holder pretty much fell through.

Now I don’t have a rack!

I did go out for dinner. My girl friend wanted to go to Costco. So I caught the tram from there into the city. It’s a free tram from the Docklands.

Can you see the line? It’s people waiting to go into the department store. It opens at 6pm.

The line was so long I gave it a miss. I went to have Pho and dessert before heading home. It was freezing after the storm and I wasn’t dressed appropriately. I had a long sleeve Tshirt, a fleecy and a rain jacket and a thin pair of leggings . What I needed was a down on top and a pair of thick pants.

Got to sit down for dessert with 1% charge on my phone so I can check in and show them my vaccination certificate.

You can only take away if you haven’t had your jabs.

They are allowing everyone to shop though until the 90% vaccination rate, predicted end of next month. Then retail will close again for the unjabbed! They can’t shop in store.

It’s a luxury to sit down and eat.

The sun is shining outside. Haven’t heard from Mr Wanderer. So not sure what his plans are?