I called him on Sunday. 4 calls to the voicemail later he phoned me back! He was like is it urgent?

I asked him if we were going away? He told me no! May be Monday? I got really annoyed at him so pretty much told him what I thought!

His reasoning was it’s a 4 days long weekend so he wanted 2 to work on his house and we were going to have two to have fun!

Yeh right! Knowing him he won’t get to my place til Monday after lunch and then we only get Tuesday together if we are lucky and I have to head back to go to work on Wednesday?

So I figured shove it! If he doesn’t want to go he doesn’t have to go! I’m heading off! We’ve been locked down for so long I really needed to get away.

I went to the market to buy a few lamb racks for the kids’ dinner on Thursday night.

Then I checked my tyres and filled up my tank. Boiled some water for my travel cup and off I went. Oh and book my accommodation for the night. Booked the pub for dinner.

I decided on Maryborough. It’s an old goldmining town. People still go there fossicking for gold.

I splurged! The hotel was beautiful and the service was great. Problem was the noise! Couldn’t sleep all night.

The owners did a great job restoring it.

That’s where I had my dinner.

Don’t you just love the old buildings?

I couldn’t get enough of them.

And another

The hotel was right in the middle of town.

They are all same same but different.

The station! Look at the details! It’s also where the information centre is.

The platform

Lead light windows

this leads to a bar! How cool is that? Whilst you’re waiting for your train you just nip in for a drink.

The reservoir. I met a nice lady with her little dog. We walked and chatted.

One thing I forgot to do was take photos of the church. Oh well next time? It’s a pretty little town.