I continued my journey to Dunolly.

It’s about a 20 minutes drive from Maryborough.

I got there around lunch. Off to the supposedly famous bakery! For a pie and snot slice! Or its proper name a vanilla slice.

First visit was the loo.

The garden bed near it.

More pretty old buildings

Anyone got a cool 1.5M? A renovator’s delight. With another 2M handy to renovate it?

I did peep inside and yes! It’s a renovator’s delight.


The bakery.

The church.

Bell up close

The side of it

Another one near by?

Love the tin roof!

Mr Wanderer met up with me in Bendigo. We ended up staying the night at his brother’s. I offered to cook since they’ve got two young ones.

Anyhow it all went down hill from there.

Just like this photo. On the upside I got to meet his parents. At least it gives me an insight to what it’s all about.

My kids came for dinner. My lamb rack turned out great!

Beautifully pink! 20 minutes at 200C then rested for medium rare.

I liked mine less pink so I popped it in for 25 minutes. The kids reckoned it’s too long so I ate it straight away and didn’t let it rest.