Yesterday I volunteered at the kitchen.

Was nice to see the ladies again. We made two pots of potato,leek,cauliflower soup. For dessert we made apple muffins and apple crumble.

At night Mr Wanderer came for dinner.

This morning we went for a bike ride to St Kilda. It was a beautiful morning. The sun was out. Still quite fresh though. Not much wind which was good. The bike path takes in the bay view but when it’s windy it’s awful. As there’s no protection from the elements.

He’s since gone home. Apparently he’s invited a colleague over for a BBQ. He’s having relationship problems. He’s saying his partner doesn’t understand him.

I was like you guys don’t understand us! And we can’t hint either! We have to tell you guys straight out!

So today I let on that my way of loving is to cook for people. And I know his way of loving is to do stuff for people. And that I would love it if he’d spoon me. Because then I’d feel his love.

He joked I should dial 1800 T….. I replied..every time you do that it feels like you are pushing me away! You do know that I met him before you? And if I’d wanted to be with him? I wouldn’t be with you today?

We ended up in bed for a nap before and I curled up next to him. It was really nice.