Getting old! My oldest just turned 25. My greatest fear as a mum was that they’d end up damaged or something.

I think they’ve turned out great as human beings. Okie so I’m bias since I’m their mum.

Dinner last night. We went to Tina’s kitchen. A Chinese place. They do noodle soups.

Very oily and well they must bicarb their beef! Not my kind of joint! The birthday girl wanted to go so off we went.

This year we didn’t celebrate her birthday on the right day as everyone was unavailable. Last night was supposed to be it except their dad told them he had a prior engagement!

They weren’t impressed! I wasn’t either since I had to go order the cake. And it wasn’t cheap!

The cake was yummo. Some kind of peanut base. Then a layer of coconut, mango mousse, yuzu,cream,mango mousse and the jelly top. Very worth it the money I spent on it.

I sent all three kids to their grandparents to give them cake and to say hello. They haven’t seen them because of the recent lockdown.

We will be celebrating her birthday again on Thursday. Can’t believe I’m a mum of a 25 years old! I was 25 months and 10 months when I had her.

I dropped by Mr Wanderer last night to give him some cake but couldn’t see his car. It turned out he was charging his phone in his bedroom so he didn’t see my messages.

The reason his car wasn’t there was he had to drop it in for a service. I’m sure he services way more than me! But then he probably does 3x as much kilometres as me.

I’m cooking in the community kitchen today so will pop by some cake for him as his place is on the way there.

Just heard from him. He’s coming over tonight. I gave him three choices. Stir fried scallops , steak or lamb rack. He’s requested the lamb rack.