I suggested dinner on Wednesday as he left for Bendigo early on Monday and I wasn’t invited! I was quite upset! I told him I felt quite neglected! All week I hardly saw him!

He only drove back on Wednesday! And his parents were coming back to stay with him on Thursday!

So after work on Wednesday I drove to Box Hill to grab dinner before heading to his. Also gave him some new crockeries so his parents can eat from proper bowls and drink from nice cups.

Didn’t get to his til 7pm! I was ravenous so I started mine first. That was after I waited for him til 7:30pm!

I suggested going away this weekend and well that was met with that all depends on my parents!

Yeh right! It didn’t happened! They only left this morning (Sunday)!

The parents ended up having dinner with the sister three nights in a row!

He only had dinner with them two nights. Thursday when they arrived! Friday he went out with his mate til 1:30am!

Then Saturday he didn’t want to include me with the family’s dinner! I did suggest him holding it at his place and I’ll head over! That was met with I can’t be stuffed! Turned out they were going out for dinner. His sister organised!

So I had to wait til he’s finished dinner to come to me! Which didn’t happen until near 10:30pm. He used me as an excuse to leave early!

His reasoning? He’s trying to protect me! I told him it felt rude that they drove all the way down and I don’t say hello! But I respect his wishes.

I suspect his sister has something to do with it. After all she’s the one that introduced her friend to him! The one before me! It didn’t work out as she ended up cheating on him.

One thing I don’t get is they were staying at his place and he doesn’t care that he’s not there when they leave? To me it’s rude? He told me it’s okie.

Don’t know what happened? He’s had a fight with his sister? He won’t tell me what it’s about. I reminded him that it might be just a misunderstanding? Since you guys don’t understand us girls? And vice versa?