We rode all the way to Broadmeadows!

I’ve never cycled that far before! The furthest was probably 15km! We used the Capital city trail then the Merri Creek trail. I struggled as lots of ups and downs with the second trail. Also the bike path was narrow and lots of turns that you can’t see who’s coming.

I pretty much ended up walking my bike near the end! I couldn’t climb another hill.

We stopped at South Wharf so he could have his coffee. I didn’t have any as then I’d need the loo! I already had my instant with my breakfast.

The viaduct. Where I got bitten by something? A wasp?

After that we rode on to the station.

Since there’s nothing to eat there we hopped on the train and stopped at Kensington for lunch.

I chucked a fit! He wanted some obscure lunch..sandwiches..tacos! I wanted a decent lunch as I was starving. And that was after a muesli bar half way!

He joined me at Rick’s for some pasta.

Rooftop at Rick’s!

They had these mosaics on the pavement of the cafe strip.

We ended back at the record store to have a milk shake each and shared a brownies.

I think he wanted to make up to them since he had to cancel his fish taco order earlier! He didn’t care that I didn’t want lunch at that place! He just made himself at home and ordered without me!

He was surprised that I wanted to ride home. Told him the sustenance he fed me was enough to get me back!

We stopped by Costco so he could have a look being a Costco virgin and all!

We’ve been fighting a lot lately. Mr Cocky tells me it’s good. It’s the stage where you’re working out boundaries. It means we are committed to staying together.

Mr Cocky was one of my FWB. He checks in on me once in awhile when he’s horny. It’s pretty much to see if I’m back to being single and available! He’s okie! Quite cocky but good value.