It that when you want things done you need to chase it up yourself?

The body corp certificate was only suppose to take 10 days! Well we still haven’t seen it. So this afternoon I rang their number to try to sort it out.

Apparently it’s ready and no one has done anything about it! And here we are all waiting for them! Just makes me mad thinking about it.

Anyhow have rang the office. Have left a message for the manager! Here is hoping we get them today.

The conveyancer still got to get the section 32 together to go out to prospective buyers tonight.

One thing I can depend on is my electrician. My intercom has been replaced! And it works!

My roses have lots of buds. Here is praying they all open on Saturday and not any earlier.

My stress level is rising.

I went to visit the NGV yesterday with a friend.

This was the free section

European art.

Look at the frame?

So ornate.

They had the Chanel exhibition on but it was a paid one. So we didn’t go.

Turned out it was my new friend’s birthday. She didn’t want to make a fuss. So I treated her to a drink and cake.

We shared half half.

Tonight I’m heading out to a pub for dinner. I’ve got an open at night tonight.

Bob the builder has kindly offered to drive me. I think I’ll make my way there and he can drive me back.

Saves him detouring to me.