Just flies.

Last night he rushed to get to me. I ended up having to take away for dinner. Then we rushed to get to the show. It was in Brunswick.

Found this walking to grab my take away.

He was very apologetic . Saying he didn’t envision it to turn out that way. He imagined a nice dinner somewhere near the venue.That didn’t happen.

He’s very sweet to book this for me. Since it’s not what he wanted to see. He told me later on that there was a band he wanted to see on the same night.

I think he’s an Elvis fan still in the closet 😂 The band was great. Apparently their four shows were sold out.


That’s why I’m still with him. He’s thoughtful. Once in awhile he surprises me.

I cycled in today. Just for lunch and rode back. It was very busy. I had to weave in and out of the crowds. It wasn’t a pleasant ride. Mr Wanderer had a memorial to go to.

Yes I was naughty and had a donut too. I bought two but just eating one made me feel sick. Too much sugar since I’ve been eating healthy lately.

I lost 2kg in 2 weeks. Just from worrying.

He’s since gone to his sister’s for dinner as his parents are down which means I’m having dinner alone.

He did come back for a little while with a snack for us. Rice paper rolls and sushi. Then a spooning session before he left. I told him I like it when he spoons me.