It’s sold! I’m relieved. I didn’t get the price I wanted but very close. And since I bought at a cheaper than expected I’m still ahead.

My cousin was like why didn’t you wait for auction? You could have made more? I told her look I can’t risk not selling. I want to move forward. Not have things hanging over my head! One bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!

She’s had her place for sale since last Christmas! Not sold as yet!

I’m so glad I can spread out again. My stuff came out of their hidey hole.

We went riding today. We rode to Yarraville. I took this on the way back. They are building. I wonder who decided where the first bits go?

On the way we passed the industrial area. Our docks.

I’ve never seen it in action before. They have a crane thingy that places the containers on the trolley.

We stopped for coffee. And I insisted on a snack. He was like I’ve never met someone that’s continually eating.

Then we rode on to Williamstown for lunch.

Passing the memorial of the Westgate bridge when it crashed in 1970.

We opted for a salad and an egg and bacon roll. My roll was fine. His salad was bland as. I felt bad and gave him half of my roll.

He’s since gone home to do stuff before dinner with his mate. It’s nice we spent nearly the whole day together. Rarely do we do that. I’m glad as it means I’m special to him.

I’m getting better at riding. In all we did around 40km today. I’m stuffed. I might just go grab some fish and chips or have left overs for dinner.