Greedy guts! They want to lease it to me at $600 a week for a month! Their lawyers were like to make it worthwhile!

Well worthwhile my ..they can shove it where it doesn’t shine!

Logistically it’s a nightmare! I’ll be homeless for 5 days! As I don’t have a bridging loan. So I need to settle my one first.

On the bright side it will cost me less! A few hundred bucks for storage instead of 1.2K to move in earlier.

Mr Wanderer has a trailer. He has offered to help me. This morning I’m going to go to hire storage.

The plan is for my son and Mr Wanderer to help with moving into storage. And the removalists to help me move from storage to the new place.

It’s because of the lifts! And if it doesn’t fit they will have to carry it which is a pain.

We made frittata at the kitchen yesterday. One of the ladies gave us all cookies and chutney.

The hamper box came from my work. For some reason it ended up at the kids’ place.

That was what was inside it. It’s because we are not getting a Christmas do!

I don’t think I need to pack lunch for tomorrow since the hospital is holding its Christmas lunch.

How cool is this car?

We talked to the driver of this one. It’s all done up inside.