I’ve got one or two more week(s) with no work commitments except for my one day at the hospital.

I think am getting paid this week. My property is in order. Silly realestate agents refunded all of my property deposit less their fees.

So then I had to pay them back in instalments! As the bank doesn’t let me pay such a huge amount in one go and since we were away I couldn’t go into a branch and get it done.

Anyhow I’ve worked out that the amount I borrowed should cover everything except for the conveyancer’s fees. To which the 5K that I put down initially to make the offer should be more than enough with some left over.

I can breathe now. The new place is just awaiting settlement. The old place I need to pack up.

I’ve got 5 boxes from work last week and will grab the boxes from Mr Boardie as he unpacks his stuff.

My linen has been packed away. Today I’ll sort out my clothes and books. You’d think I’m moving soon.

It’s not until beginning of March! I’ll start selling off or donating stuff too. That way I’ll have less to move.

Not sure why am stressing out for? Moving a one bedroom apartment is not a huge deal! Until you see all the storage I’ve got in this apartment! All the cupboards are filled up to the brink!

From the look of things I did score a bargain as the apartment below me was sold for 35K more in 2019! The only difference is that they’ve got a bigger terrace. And since prices has gone up? I think I did okie.

I’ll have to save and put some money aside to do up the new kitchen. I’m excited now. Can’t wait til I’m in. Lots of potential projects to get my hands on!

Paperwork all sorted! Just the hassles of moving into storage then again into the apartment.

Life is good. Now how to avoid catching Covid?