Of my days!

I worked 29/30/31 December. I made this for the kids on Thursday.

Then on the 31st he asked me if I wanted to go away? Or leave it for the 1st? I told him this year may be celebrate in Melbourne?

So he booked us into a laneway party. The band was great! The food was so and so. Lots of fried food!

And yes! We managed to say good bye to 2021!

We went cycling again. This time we stayed at Meeniyan recreation ground. It’s $10 donation per night per caravan.

I couldn’t catch him/her in time.

There he/she is perched up high.

It was on the way to Fish Creek.

18kms later he said I did well

Cute little village.

He left me to explore whilst he made the return trip to pick me up. I was stuffed after the 18kms ride.

I started on the dip as he got distracted on the phone to his mates!

The next day we rode to Koonwarra. That was in the afternoon! He did a long ride to Foster and back in the morning.

We were too late and I only managed to buy some brownies to munch on.

Happy cows!

Mr Wanderer’s sexy belly πŸ˜‚ we had Moscato/beer and cheese. Whilst waiting for dinner.

And dinner in bed. Mr Wanderer cooked since I cooked the night before.

We had to come back on Monday as he had a site meeting at 9am. It was a waste of a day since he didn’t have to be there but made an effort! It’s during his holidays!

Anyhow I wasn’t happy as I hardly saw him. Trip kind of ruined because of work.

I can’t really remember what I did on Tuesday?

Wednesday I worked and finished work early. Went home to pack as he wanted to go away again.

At first he wanted to go alone. I was like what? I asked him what’s the point of us? If he doesn’t want me to come along?

His reasoning was he wanted to go on long bike rides and he feels guilty when he has to leave me behind.

I was like it’s okie. Don’t worry about me. I’ll amuse myself! Because if we can’t make it work then what’s the point? Might as well not be together?

Funny thing was since we didn’t go on Wednesday I caught up with Mr Boardie.

His apartment had really nice views! It was big too!

Mr Wanderer rang whilst I was at Mr Boardie’s yapping away. I answered the call and Mr Wanderer was like you sounded like you want to get rid of me? πŸ˜‚

So I told him say hello to Mr Boardie! The two guys said hello to each other πŸ˜‚