To report.

I got my booster. It’s giving me a headache and it’s all swollen.

Today I heard my coworker tested positive so I did the test. It’s negative.

I’ve been packing and packing. This photo was taken last night. My pile is getting bigger every day. A few boxes each day.

I’ve nearly packed most of my kitchen away.

My cow came. The artist posted it out to me. How cute is he?

I’m off to have pasta with a girl friend soon. Mr Wanderer has left to have dinner with his mate. The one that I dated before him.

He said he’ll take a photo of the two of them for me.

I replied you better save it for me! He turned around and said yes I’ll save him for you.


When I said I wanted cuddles he told me go find Mr Boardie. He can be the stand in guy.