Today is Monday. I’m in a dump. Woke up really late. Didn’t crawl out of bed til 10:30am.

Yesterday I asked him to have a think as lately it felt like we were just friends. Sex is non existent. No cuddles or kisses.

I don’t know what to think. I have a suspicion that may be he doesn’t find me sexually attractive?

And that he’s only staying with me because I’m nice?

He said he’ll have a think. I told him how I felt. That I love to kiss and I love to be hold.

And how he used to be fun in bed in the beginning.

Now it’s just roll over. Get the deed done! Sounds like a chore.

Haven’t heard from him this morning.

May be I want too much? May be I’ll have to let him go? My hands are bound. The ball is in his court.

My friend said to me at this age most men want a nurse or a purse or both.

I want to believe otherwise. I still believe in love.