We’ve got it down pat. He’d prep the caravan. Ie gas bottles, water tanks, pump up tyres, beddings, eskies etc

And I meal prep. That way he doesn’t have to worry about the food. Then every time we go away I double check on our kitchen and storage to top up on sauces, tissues, shampoo etc.

On the last trip after dinner we washed the dishes and popped everything back where they belong. I stripped the bed and transferred all of the washing into the Ute.

That way when he gets home there is nothing much to do except wash the bedding.

He used to tell me to leave it. But since we go away quite a lot we need to get into a routine to cut down the preparation time.

Love Melbourne with its hidden bars down laneways.

We were celebrating Bob the builder’s birthday!

And no I only had a wine with dinner and a Zombie cocktail. The rest was some of our group’s drink. Gosh they are massive drinkers!

I didn’t get home til 4am this morning! Tried to get an Uber with no luck so I waited for my 3:19am tram. Kind of regretted not driving to the tram stop.

Port is pretty safe just felt a bit exposed walking home so late or rather so early 😂