We are off!

We took off on Sunday morning early! Well not too early! He told me he’d be at mine at 7:30am. Lucky he was running late as I was still having breakkie at 7am!

Our first stop was in Euroa for morning tea. About two hours from Melbourne.

Then we stopped in Wandi..very long name! For lunch. Pity they didn’t let you camp at Alpine park.

Apparently a local told us the Wandi pub is really nice. Problem was they didn’t open on a Tuesday.

I had enough provisions for Sunday and Monday night knowing full well it’s hard to get a feed on a Monday night. But also a Tuesday night? 😩

We left the caravan there and rode into Bright. Bright was super busy! (See Photo).

He treated me to a thick shake! Think 9 scoops of ice cream and not much milk 😩 I had a little bit and felt sick. It was very very sweet.

Came back to go skinny dipping in Morses Creek. I think he was testing me! So I was like okie. And I jumped in after him 😂

We camped near Smoko. About 17km from Bright. Lovely spot and you could swim in the river/stream.

The bike track was just sublime! It’s newish and reasonably flat.

Bakery in Harrietville was yummo! I had their croissant two days in a row 😂 well I did have to ride in the heat to go grab them. I’d do anything for good food 😂

Their cinnamon bun was yum too! I bought one for Mr Wanderer as he missed out the day before. They were $5 each and he only had $4.50 so we ended up sharing a croissant $4 and had to grab coffee elsewhere and paid with a card!

He must have felt bad for me as he had to work in between his bike rides. Thus we went for a drive up the mountain.

It was also to escape the heat. Up there it was 10C cooler. It felt cold almost.

This was taken from Mount Hotham. Third highest peak in Victoria.

An old hut.

On Tuesday night we headed to the Happy Valley Pub in Ovens for dinner. And ended up in Myrtleford for the night.

We camped incognito aka stealth mode. All windows blocked out with blinds pulled down.

He drove us to a suburban street and parked next to the park. Preferably late at night like around 11pm! In front of a house with no lights on! And near another car so it looked like we were staying with relatives 😂 Then a quick get away in the morning before anyone wakes up 😂

He opted for the pine forest for the birds’ songs and the pine scent for a breakfast stop.

Myrtleford is as pretty as a picture.

It’s a cycling mecca. Cyclists everywhere!


He did a 50km ride to Porepunkah and I went op-shopping. I didn’t buy anything much. Ended up buying two chestnut fruit cake. One for us and one for the kids.

How cool is this WW2 phone?

Loved this mosaic!

A church.

Photo from Mr Wanderer! He thought they were grape vines! And no they were not! He’s very close though. They were hops. Myrtleford is Tobacco and Beer country!

We had lunch near an old tobacco kiln.

Dinner in Broadford

Another cute town

A straw boiler to make paper!

And since it was Australia Day we had to have lamb to celebrate! We had lots of vegies left but we weren’t hungry hungry.

And that was our trip! I think I’m happy to be home.

The three nights away we didn’t use the shower once! We bathed in the river/stream. One day I used the hose! As I wanted to wash my hair. And as there were people around I did a wet Tshirt stunt. I wore a long Tshirt with no undies on and hosed myself down.