In hindsight may be I should have tried to get a bridging loan.

I settle my place on the 18/3 and the new place on 23/3. Which means I’ll be homeless for 5 days!

I’ve booked storage from 4/3 for a month. That way I can move stuff in and out slowly.

The truck is coming on 11/3 for the big items. Mr Wanderer has offered to help me both ways with his trailer.

Initially he was going to help me move everything into storage and well he’s worried that he’d damage my nice timber tops etc so best for me to get the removalists in.

Since they costed an arm and a leg I’ve had to compromise and got a smaller truck so I can book both ways to total up a bit more than 1 way which means we will have to do the heavy lifting of moving more than we should.

The thing is from 11/3 I won’t have anything left except for my everyday clothes! Minimum crockery and an eski. The eski is for my milk for my cereal and coffee in the morning!

Lunch and dinner I’ll eat out.

It will be like camping! Mr Wanderer was like leave your mattress and I’ll take it later and you can borrow my bar fridge!

Anyhow I’ve decided it’s too much of a risk! As March is still another few weeks away and if he goes on one of his trips I’ll be stuck.

So this morning I’ve gone in and bought an air mattress! It will come in handy when the kids stay over. So sorted!

He did say if I give him the dates he’ll work around it!

From 18/3 I’ll move in with him and move out 23/3 as that’s when I’ll get my keys to the new place.

Pretty much Friday til Wednesday!

He didn’t want me to move in any earlier as if he’s away I’m there by myself with his housemate!

My clients are happy! They’ve been getting restaurant quality food! I prep and they cook!

Been at it! 2 out of 2. Yesterday was challenging!

Happy I got my sausages. Bunnings sausages are back! At $2.50 each with onion it’s a cheap lunch!

On a brighter note I think I am 80-90% packed. Only got the storage to sort out. I did my bathroom/laundry yesterday.