I was suppose to house keep today. But since not much to do yesterday I managed to get everything done.

Our old custom house. Now our immigration museum.

They had a whole gallery.

And of course we took to the lanes

How cute are these?

Modern art

Rutherglen..one of 7 stand alone houses left in the CBD?

See the side bit? They used to be toilets.

Horse and cart days. See the tracks for the carts?

I managed to take a photo of the laneway with my phone through the gate 😂

Modern Art Work.

Older fleet. Pity they knocked half of the building down only keeping a bit of it out the front. Such a shame. It’s now a co-working space.


One of the hole in the wall cafe.

The haunted Mitre Tavern.

Another old bank

Now a restaurant.

Cathedral room of another bank

Love the window.

And of course this is where you scrape your boots! Before entering.

Now this place I’ve never been! How impressive is this?

The newer part out the back.

The old bank teller’s window

Mosaic tiles

And that’s my walking tour yesterday as part of the CPD. They are after people to help lead tours end of March for International Tour Guides day.

I’m not sure if I can volunteer as it’s my moving weekend.

I might just put my name down for one tour.