Sorry it took so long to post. Been preoccupied with life.

From the outside. It’s now a cafe and gallery.

Everywhere are arches and lead light windows.

Love the door.

Some part are left unrestored.

It’s magical. So much architecture in the one place.

Where they used to sleep.

My eyes didn’t know where to look. So much to take in and see. The new blended in with the old. Pieces of art scattered through the convent.

I walked all the way to the other end of the convent.

The windows where glorious.

This was on the other side of the room

Loved the colourful glass.

The architecture was just pure art.

If I ever have a house. And enough money I’d built it just like this. Well minus all the religious memorabilia.

The cafe.

It was late so no one was around. The convent close at 4pm. I ended up being the very last to leave way after 4pm.

A little nook.

A little of the garden.

Even the loo’s pretty. And since I was too busy wandering I forgot to go!

I NEARLY bought this one. They are so cute. Only thing stopping me is my move. I’d have to cart it to my new place. Plus it was like $500. Not sure if I could afford it.

Their gift shop. I didn’t end up buying anything.

Thoroughly loved it. I want to go back for a visit now.