That’s where we went last night. In the fridge they stocked craft beers and ciders. So many to choose from!

In the other fridge they had the wines and sparklings. Very well stocked!

It’s a funky wine bar.

In an alternative neighbourhood!

I’m getting braver going out at night. We walked to a comedy club together as a group and then I walked straight on to the tram stop.

The stop was brightly lit so all was good. One of the girls decided to join me as she said the comedy club was chockers.

I went through my new place again yesterday. Very happy!

From the look of things I don’t need to do up my walk in robe.

There is a shelving unit already in there.

Once I’ve moved in I’ll sort out the kitchen! What I want to do is get rid of this and start over.

My idea is to have a big pantry built in as a feature. Aka hide it all behind a set of doors.

There will be a bench height fixed shelf. Strong enough that I can put my microwave and my cooking appliances on it.

Underneath will house my freezer. On top will be adjustable shelvings.

I’ve thought and thought about it and I think it will be the cheapest kitchen upgrade to buy me more storage space.

My fridge will be moved to the end of the adjacent bench. Thus I’ll just need the electrician to give me a power point.

I’m going to get him to come once and get the whole lot done.

I’ve also bought a ceiling fan and light combo that’s dimmable.

**an old post that I forgot to post 😂