There. This moving business is dragging out bad!

Most of my stuff are in storage. Well the boxes that is.

I did 5 loads yesterday totalling 45 boxes. The rest went in Mr Wanderer’s trailer.

My car yesterday! 12 small boxes or 7 midsize boxes.

Today I took another 2 loads and the fishies to the kids.

I’m sick of it all so will rest tomorrow and clean. The final inspection is on Tuesday.

One good thing. I don’t have to house keep this week. I do need to cook for them though. She’s requested 4 meals for the week.

It means I can concentrate on moving.

The truck is coming on Friday to take the bigger items. Not that I have much.

Sofa, coffee table, dining suite, fridge, freezer. Washer, dryer, bed, lockers, art and craft drawers, outside bench, clothes lines and Mr Emu. Island bench. Shelvingsx2. Mattressesx2.

All my cupboards are empty and clean. Now it’s just getting the walls and floors looking reasonable. Tomorrow I’ll clean the bathroom as well.

Can’t believe settlement is less than 2 weeks away. Then it’s another 5 days before I get my keys to the new place. It’s crazy.

I’m so glad I packed way ahead! Last night Mr Wanderer kind of stressed me out. He rushed me.

Tomorrow I’m off to Bunnings to have a look at their van again. As I might book it for settlement. Been trying to work out logistics.

Just so hard as where I’m moving to there’s not much street parking! So if I get a van I can drive it inside and unload from there.

That might solve the problem! As a girl friend has offered to help me. But it’s no point having 2 cars as she won’t have parking.

This one is coming with me. Mr Wanderer is trying to persuade me to give it up. I’m not going to unless he can find me a better alternative!

It’s at the right height so my sheets don’t drag on the ground. Pretty much my mattress protector, sheet and doona cover can be on the lines in one go. It folds flat too not that I’ve ever done it as I tend to wash every few days.