Accomplished. I did another load to the storage today. I think I have another trailer load or two. It’s whatever the truck can’t take.

It’s been a good day. Have pruned back my lime tree. That way I can give the secateur to Mr Boardie. He’s popping by tonight.

Port the other day. I love living here. It’s like being on holidays.

Tomorrow I’ll head to the kids. I’m taking food from the fridge and my pantry to them.

And since their pantry is a mess it will take time to sort it out.

Then I’ve got a coffee with a friend in the city after lunch. Nearly forgot. Which means I either quickly do it in the morning or it will have to be in the evening.

I don’t want to wait til Thursday as it’s too late. I need to defrost the fridge to get it ready for Friday.

Feeling very happy. It’s getting close!

How can one not feel at peace looking at this?