This Gorge is like in the middle of Launceston! They are so very lucky to have it.

It’s massive!

We walked from the car park (lower right) crossed the river and along the Cataract walk. On the way back we took the Zig Zag track!

The Cataract walk was very pretty. The Zig Zag track was awfully steep! And no views! Mr Wanderer doesn’t like to back track! So off we went.

It’s called the Zig Zag track as it zig zags vertically! It just goes on and on upwards or downwards. I only had my walking boots so I struggled! Didn’t have room in my carry on for my hiking boots. It was wet too so extra slippery.
The photos don’t do it justice
You can also go on the chairlift
It just goes on forever
And another beauty!
Hope you can view

Across the bridge is a group of shops. You can grab souvenirs, coffee or ice cream to give you some stamina to walk back!

Tasmania is indeed a haven for the nature lovers. And also those that likes solitude!

I wouldn’t mind coming back for another trip.