It’s getting longer between posts! So much to tell!

I’ve handed in my resignation with my clients thinking last week was it! Well they were in strife so have asked me to work another week.

Since I haven’t heard back from my regional manager I agreed. Was getting a bit worried thinking oh no! Don’t tell me I handed in my resignation prematurely!

All turned out well in the end! She’s been great and has given me a hospital near by! Like 15 minutes drive away! Not only that it’s a small one which means I will be flying solo again!

It suits me fine! I figured they might do that as they are paying me at a higher rate which means I’ll have to be in charge when I’m on!

Monkeying around

Hope you can view!

We made it to Tassie on Friday afternoon.

Saw a band after dinner. Mr Wanderer got two kisses from a lady! I got my butt squeezed 😩
Their wine list!
Their beer selection
Touching down in Launceston. It’s like landing in another country! The landscape so foreign!

They call us the mainlanders 😂

The next morning we went wandering. His friend lended us his car. First stop was the monkeys then a woodwork museum

Well that was after we saw some people with yummy bacon and egg rolls so we detoured to grab some before the museum 😂

Loved the architecture! Kept on having to remind myself that Tassie is as old as Sydney pretty much.

We then headed to the gorge. I was thinking okie just another gorge! I was in for a big surprise! It was massive! I’ll save it for another post by itself.

Bakery in Evandale

Yes! My post is always about food 😂 we ended up having lunch there before our last stop! The Clarendon homestead which will be another post as lots of photos!

Yes! It’s edible! We had to be back by 5:30pm for his mate’s party!

And because it was crackers night? They let off fireworks for 30 minutes! Every year Tassie has a crackers night! You’d need a permit and off you go! The permit states your time slot! And you’d need a big enough lot of land to let them off! With no need for a pyro tech! His friend was telling us a pyro tech costs 2.5K! If it’s not a crackers night!

It was pretty special! And that was Saturday done! We didn’t get to bed til 2am!

Sunday we lazed around! His friend took us for a walk to his local beach. Though no need as that’s the views from his balcony!

In the afternoon Mr Wanderer took me to Bridport
We had a coffee whilst people watched.

And that was the weekend gone. I was supposed to fly back on Monday! In the end I threw away my ticket and booked to go home with Mr Wanderer on Tuesday instead. Luckily I didn’t buy luggage or seats so only lost $68.