Does it end?

Yes I splurged! Have divided it into 3 meals! Two for me and 1 for me and the kids!

I use it to make stir fried or Bo Luc Lac! A Vietnamese dish. The beef is tender and yum! And well still cheaper than going out!

Our vegies has gone up a lot! I mean $10/kg for zucchini and broccoli! I ended up buying zucchini as it’s better value for money!

Our mushrooms used to be $12-15/kg is now $25/kg! I use it in my mushroom and bacon sauce and well that’s like 4 meals! When you go out a pasta dish is now $22-25!

There’s no end in sight! Petrol was $2.24/litre today! Or about $8.50/gallon. And that’s with the excise gone.

Tomorrow our interest rate will go up! I don’t know how people cope? I’m panicking! And I’m ahead with my mortgage.

Yesterday I caught up with Zeus or Jungle boy or Andy. I used to to catch up with him whenever I travel to Sydney or when he comes down to Melbourne for golf trips.

With not much time since his schedule changed! I decided to drive to the airport to pick him up and drive him to his friend’s place to buy us time to catch up.

We managed some pastries and beers in the car 😂 He bought the beers! I don’t usually drink it and it’s funny a Sydneysider coming down and buying Melbourne Bitter!

It was nice catching up with him! He still looks the same. And I finally found out his surname! Since it was on his bags’ label! Not that it matters. I did google him up 😂 to make sure he’s not a murderer 😂

The original plans was for him to stay at my place. Since I couldn’t commit he was going to stay at his mate’s place. Then because the weather was so bad he decided to go home on the late flight.

Plus if he had stayed at my place I’m not sure if we could keep our hands off each other so I was relieved that he found alternate accommodation.

What does one do when one meets an old lover? It’s like wearing an old pair of shoes! Comfortable! And we just took off where we left off last time. Like old friends.

On a brighter note I’ve managed to claim my flight credit! After like 10 calls to the airlines and agent! Feels like getting blood out of stone!

I’ve also managed to claim my credit from my professional organisation! They told me my credit has expired! So I chucked a fit and told them I will not be renewing my membership! That got them going so now they’ve offered to use the credit towards my membership and waivering the difference!

The thing is I signed up for a face to face seminar in 2020! They then rescheduled to an online one! They wouldn’t refund me when I told them it doesn’t suit! They then gave me a credit that expired end of last year!

I’m like well what am I going to use it on? Nothing is face to face! So I was going to put it towards my membership fee! Only to be told it’s expired!