It’s been Wintry over here. Cold to the bones!

Isn’t this cute?
Found this on my way to dinner on Saturday! I was supposed to cook him dinner!

Well him being him got bumped off his flight! He was like I wasn’t that late!

So I tried out a new Cambodian noodle place! I prefer the Vietnamese Nam Vang noodles better.
Sunday morning he was like what do you want to do? He didn’t like any of my suggestions!
It was drive to a modern art museum! Or nursery! Or a national trust homestead!
Guess no point driving as petrol is so expensive !
He suggested history in motion picture or Portuguese festival.
I was hangry because he was fluffing around!
By the time we got to the market for the festival it was after 2pm!

He insisted that we walked there! From my place! Told him I’m not walking anywhere unless I’ve got food in me as it was already 12pm by the time we got out of my place!

It’s like he didn’t want to! First had to go down to the car to get his walking shoes! Then oh I’ve forgotten my sunnies in your apartment!

By then I was like forget it! You go and get it I’m going to get a souv!

The leaves are changing. Winter is here.
I’ve sanded and waxed my door! It looks a bit yellow!
Full moon on Wednesday night. No wonder the hospital was a bit crazy! Don’t care what people say but we healthcare workers believes a full moon brings out the craziness!
I can work on more projects now! They cut to size! They only cut their own timber though. Which means you have to buy timber off them!