He’s made it to Amsterdam. Had to crop out the face as it’s his friend that’s in the photo.

His bike box is strengthen by a metal under frame so he could weld his bolts to it for his wheels. Then he’s packed the box with foam.

He’s taken a little bit of me with him! I gave him the red bag as a pressie one year as he’s forever turning up on my doorstep with a Coles/Woolies groceries bag 😂

I had my weekend away with my sisters and mum in South Australia. We went to Glenelg beach. Nothing special since I live by the beach 😂
We went to the market for dinner. So much yummy food! My sister’s bestie was like I wish I had enough time to eat all this 😂
And gallery. They had the Archie’s exhibition on
Told Mr Wanderer he needs a nude on top of his antique furniture 😂
Inside the gallery
I’m not religious. Loved the frame 😂
Adjacent to the gallery
The university
We didn’t take the train as we stayed in the CBD area. CBD= Central Business District. If I go back I’ll stay at Quest again. It’s near the bus and market. Very quiet and rooms quite big. Great service. My sister booked air BnB near the station for the second apartment and it was crap!
They had beautiful buildings. I took this at 6:45am. Nothing opens early 😂 I’d be bored living there!
Love love love
The market
You’d think you’re in Melbourne
More buildings

Very pretty city

The CBD probably needs a weekend. SA probably needs 5-7 days as if we had hired a car we could have gone exploring the country side! I think I like travelling by myself. Too much restrictions as a group. Only good thing is costs is shared.