I’ve been busy! Old colour!
New colour to match my splash back.
I’ve moved everything to the island bench as I want to paint that grey wall too. It’s going to be a big project as only realised I have to sand the whole wall back! They did a shonky job!
Yes! That was the Monday just passed. I tried to move the island bench to the other wall. The stool gave way so my tank tipped over! And my fishies ended up underneath the bench. I had to retrieve them.

After the clean up I had a nap only to be woken up by my manager asking me to work for her. Her mum caught Covid which means she had no one to look after her daughter.

It meant little Miss V ended up working full time hours last week.

Only in Port! They love their pets! We’ve got a gourmet pet pantry as well!
Spring is nearly here!
I did a tourist thingy thing yesterday and lined up for croissants! By the time I got to the counter there was only a few left on their last tray! Feels bad for the long queue behind me as it means they’ll miss out.
Must be my lucky day as I scored 2 books from the Salvos at $7 each
Mr Wanderer gave me this! It’s so I can find my keys. Except he spelt my name wrong 😂 Told him it’s okie as it contains the first and last letter of my name.

He’s off on a work trip tomorrow. I’m not sure if I want to follow him. If we had left yesterday and made a trip of it then it would have been nice. He said it’s too hard as he’s heading off Thursday week and still got to organise his trip.

My sister is back from the UK so we are off to the Yarra Valley on Tuesday for a family get together. That’s why not sure if I want to follow him! It’s no point.

Plus I want to go back to Castlemaine to buy a bench seat. It’s custom made with hardwood timber.

A bit frustrated as I can’t get my place in order. Still got boxes to unpack.