I am trying to sort out my place. It’s crazy that now even with more room I have no room for my stuff.

It’s because I don’t have the same amount of storage as I did before. So things are everywhere.

My laundry with no clutter on the floor. Have moved my vacuum cleaner and steamer into my BIR.

Have taken out stuff to give to charity. Shoes that I’ve bought and never going to wear. Sounds like a good idea at the time.

I’ve moved the TV in so I can paint the wall.

Have also moved my book shelves in too. Problem is now it’s leaning. I will have to head to Bunnings today to buy packers to try and straighten it up.

My bathroom cabinets are nice and neat. Don’t know how it got so messy.

My CPD is done thank goodness. I’ve been procrastinating! It is due end of the month.

Aim for this weekend is to paint my wall. Was going to go buy a sander but no need! Mr Boardie said he’ll drop one by for me.

When Mr Wanderer heard I was getting one off Mr Boardie he replied you might get him off too! Told him if I do I’ll let him know.

Now to tackle the storage. Need to be more like Mr Boardie. Need to be a minimalist and not hoard stuff.