And yes Spring had sprung!

Although still quite fresh the sun was out.

Views from my balcony.

So I took off! Beats sanding my wall.

Lots of people out and about
Enjoying their meals outdoor
Can’t seem for the hell of me remember this building? It looks like a transformed one?
The driver was very good at parking 😂
Have never seen this one before? As I don’t walk this way when it’s closing time.
Today I went for a walk to have scallops and chips for lunch.
Then I popped some oysters, steaks and cakes over for Father’s Day!

As for Mr Wanderer he sent me a photo but didn’t tell me where. So little Miss V learnt how to reverse image search today 😂

Very proud of myself!

No wonder he’s buggered! He rode all the way from Amsterdam to Rotterdam then to Durkin and on to Villers..Just thinking about it makes my butt hurt 😂