Every year we get a day off for Grand Final day on the Friday. Usually it’s the last weekend of September. This year it falls on the weekend before.

And to mourn the Queen they’ve given us all a day off on the Thursday. Which means we have a 4 days weekend.

For me I’ll only be working one day that week. The Wednesday! Going to be busy if we are having to sort out all the discharges for the weekend.

This was yesterday walking into the city from the Royal Botanical gardens. I went for a walk with a new friend.
I sanded and realised it’s not glue but wall paper underneath. So spent the whole weekend cleaning up the dust!
Found this place today! Very bright and cheery. Mr Foot in his mouth came over today to go walkies. He wanted to see my new place.

Only disappointing thing was we were waiting for his coffee when an old chap walked by and commented Teach her well?

Just because I am Asian? And Mr Foot in his mouth is all grey? I was too shock to say anything in return? What a racist pig?