I’m jolted. I’ve fallen for someone that I can’t have. He’s married.

The first time we met it was very comfortable. Felt like I’ve known him for a very long time.

I must have left my guards down. I never let my feelings come in the way of sex. And yet this time I went against my own rules.

Either that or I’m very out of practise 😂

The thing is he’s asked for seconds. He’s asked if next time we can skip lunch and go straight to bed 😂

I know I shouldn’t get involved but then life is too short. I don’t judge why? Everyone’s got their reason. Including me.

I’m just borrowing him. Yes would love to have him but that’s not on the agenda.

I only know it is so nice to be wanted. All the kisses and cuddles.

Him not being able to focus at work as he’s thinking about me. And him wanting to see me instead of going dirt riding. Putting me before his hobby.

That’s what I want for my own relationship. It feels awesome to come first for once.

By doing that he’s made me questioned my own relationship. What do I do now?