Of dating again. I’m now on 5 apps. This week I busied myself with 3 dates.

The first coffee date went okie. Except he’s got back pain and on meds for it. And he’s old! So that was a no. I offered him friendship.

Then the second date we went walkies. Turned out his daughter went to the same school as mine and was in the same year. He lives in the sticks 😂 so another no as I’m a city girl. No chemistry at all.

Last night we talked for 3.5 hours. He seems like a nice guy. Just no chemistry. A naturopath matched with a pharmacist 😂

It’s hard with the online dating. You go through the motion. It may seems shallow but you swipe base on their looks and reading their profiles.

Then it’s the whole process of meeting up. Which means finding the time. Deciding on where or what to do. Go through the motion of deciding if they are right for you to continue on another date.

It’s pretty crap as you have to make up your mind if this person is for you or not right there and then.

For me it’s easy. If I see potential I’ll go on another date. Most time it’s thanks for the date. The more they talk the more I can gather information as to if they are right for me or not.

Dating is like anything in life. The more you date the better you get at it!

The more relationships the more you get better at it too. You learn not to make the same mistake again. Well hopefully.