Is done. He was so very tired last night from the long flight back.

I fed him and we watched a bit of TV before bed.

This morning we woke up early and did it. Had bad sex. Then I fed him breakfast.

He told me about his trip. One thing led to another and I broke up with him.

I said that no matter how much I want to be with him I tried to keep up and I can’t. He needs a taller girl who has a longer stride to match with his.

I need someone that walks beside me not ahead of me. I need cuddles and kisses. I want someone that will travel with me. And that the last month was awful and I do not wish a repeat.

He then went to work. On the way out he blew me kisses and said he’ll ring me later to talk.

I don’t think it has sunk in as yet. As for Mr Boardie he was like that’s a gentle way of breaking up? I asked him why? He replied well you made it sound like it’s your fault that you can’t keep up rather than him being inconsiderate.

How do you break up with someone? I’d rather be kind.