I woke up with a smile on my face. Mr AM popped over to visit me last night..early this morning.

He looked stress. His company took a big loss. And then having to be on call and getting called out at night after a long day at work. Not only that his in laws was staying over.

I’m like his stress release. He said I couldn’t get away to come see you. There’s no excuse. Told him it’s okie. He’s busy.

It’s always nice to see him. He’s so good at it. All the kissing and spooning. I felt loved!

He finally left at 2:30am. When he left he said to me see you soon.

This morning Mr Boardie came over! I told him about early this morning!

So two guys in the one day. He was like you’d better take your fireman home and make it 3 in one day!

Nah I’m fussy who I take to bed. Anyhow looks like Mr AM is hooked. He said to me last night I’m the best F he’s had. As I’m so tight.

I guess it’s one of the perks of having all the kids via C-section.

Mr Boardie was like well you are. If you weren’t I wouldn’t be coming back.

He joked he should get a badge made for me to wear out! An accomplished F..er 😂

As for me the more I do it the more I want it! I just love sex!