Mr Wanderer asked me out on a date on Wednesday. He booked a fancy French restaurant.

We had snails for entree then he had the rabbit and I had the duck leg. We finished off with the crepes. The snails were divine!

It was really weird. Small talk and just not comfortable. Cringy. The wine helped. We finished the whole bottle.

I took a photo as will buy some as Christmas pressies

The reason he took me out was because I missed out on Paris.

He offered to help me with my barn door. And he asked me how I was doing so I told him about my dates. Three duds and the fireman. Told him the fireman might score a second date. He’s a potential.

Mr Wanderer was like he might have a lot of girls that wants him.

At the end of the night he gave me a cuddle. Like a tight one which he never does. Then he put one of his hand on my boob. He only does it when we have sex. We kissed.

It was drizzling so I said my good bye. He wanted me to come home with him. I declined as it’s too hard in the morning to drive to work from his place.

Plus I wanted him to stew a bit. If he really want me back he needs to put in the effort. A fancy dinner won’t cut it!

Tonight I’ve got a date with a scientist. There are guys lining up. I think I’ll let them all hang for awhile.

From my dancing partner. He’s only in his late 20s?
My reply to him

That’s my Saturday night ticked off

As for Sunday I think I’ll take it easy.