So far I’ve had quite a few and I’m over it.

1/ Mr Grandpa..late 50s. He’s quite funny. Had back pain and on pain tablets. He babysit his grandkid. It’s the back pain I’m worried about because I love sex lol

2/ Mr Bush..we went for a walk along the beach. No chemistry what so ever. He lives in the bush and not interested in a relationship. Just casual your place and mine kind of thing

3/ Mr Naturopath. Own business. Keeps on calling me darl. Again no chemistry.

4/ Mr Scientist met me in a nice bar. He had bad teeth 😩 again no chemistry.

5/ Mr Engineering..very good looking face. Nice guy. Except he shuffled like an old man.

6/ Mr No front teeth. He’s only early 40s. Nice guy. Turned up to the date with no front teeth 😂 He told me he’s not going to stop living life whilst waiting for his new teeth 😂 got to give him credit for being brave and living life on his terms.

7/ Mr Fireman. Had dimples and muscles. He tried to kiss me on the first date and it was yuck. Sloppy kisser so ummm no go.

8/ Mr Border force..his hands were wandering all over me. At one point he took my hand and placed it on his crotch 😩

9/ Mr Hygienist…still married not yet divorced. Not my type. No chemistry

10/ Mr Valuator. Cute. Still married on paper. I think he’s only after sex.

11/ Mr Musician..we went for a walk last night. He sounded broken. Damaged goods.

12/ Mr Lied about his age. He looked quite young so could have gotten away with it. But at 63 he had an 11 years old kid 😂

13/ Mr Hose doctor. Nice surprise but he’s got diabetes and I’m not sure if I want to deal with it. Plus he’s in the middle of a divorce.

14/ Mr Farmer..nearly went out with him until he asked me what did I feel about our chat on the phone. I told him truthfully that he’s not my type. He then turned around to tell me I’m not his either and that he only chatted to me as he wanted to try an Asian 😩

In the pipeline:

Mr Army..meeting him today for a coffee. He’s already cancelled once due to work. As he was helping out with the floods. He sounds decent. He told me he promised to be there today. There’s chemistry there. I think he’s only after casual as his work is really busy. I’m meeting him to see what he has to say.

Mr Chef..meeting him tomorrow. He looks okie. Just not sure as we hardly chat. And he does shift work.

Friend Zoned:

Mr Shorty. On paper he sounds okie. Half retired like me. Likes road trips. Financially secured. Except he’s very short 😂 He’s taller than me but only by a few cms. And he’s also got diabetes 😩 Anyhow he’s still trying to get me to go out with him as friends 😂 He’s stubborn that’s for sure. He’s been ringing me every day. His idea is that friends can turn into lovers lol

There you go Boo! Not much on offer 😂