I clicked on him as he looked a bit like Mr AM. Tall and well built. In real life he’s nothing like Mr AM.

Not even close. He’s actually the same age as Mr Wanderer. Similar birthdates as well. It’s spooky.

Anyhow he lives on base and he’s really busy. He thought he had yesterday’s night off as he wanted to take me to dinner after our walk. But he got called in.

He shared he was worried I wouldn’t meet as he cancelled last time. Apparently he’s a retrieval specialist. He tows things back and fix them and send them out again. Or if it’s bad he blows them up.

He joked the army teaches them how to use chainsaws and how to dig shallow graves.

I asked him do you do physical test? He replied yes but the older ones not as intensive.

He’s like a bear of a man. He picks me up like I’m a feather. I do like a solid man 😂

He was like I’ll protect you😂

I’m also chatting to a 45 years old. Apparently I’ve chatted to him before years ago when I was down in Geelong? 2008?

He remembered me. Except I can’t remember him for the hell of me? My memory is shocking!

My wall.

It looked awful. Glue all gone. Just protecting the plaster. Next bit I’ll have to fill then sand then paint. A very long process.

Mr Wanderer is still texting. He’s told me he’s bought a new mountain bike.

After Friday night I cancelled 2 dates. Tired and feeling a bit down with crappy dates. Also declined my tour for tomorrow as there’s Covid on the ship when they docked in Sydney. And even though it’s a new lot of passengers I can’t risk it bringing it into the hospital system.