New Year’s Eve on my walk.

Today I lead a tour to the Dandenongs. Lovely group.

It’s time like this that I love tour guiding. One couple commented that they would love to move to Port Melbourne.

I was so rapt they loved the tour to say that. I love Melbourne.

On the dating front I have said no to Mr Mazda. He’s perfect on paper. He ticked all of my boxes just no connection. He acted so old for his age. He tells me he’s 55 but he looks like he’s 60 with personality to match.

He bored me to tears and it’s only second date. Anyhow tonight I’ve got another walking date. This guy is only 47 😂. I think I’ve got to go younger.

Mr Boardie said to ditch the fossils and go for the 45-50 😂

Mr Zeus in Sydney sent me this today. I thought it was hilarious. He’s one of my FBWs. I named him Zeus as he looks like him 😂