I’m excited and I’m also worried.

I’ve finally gotten around to booking my Europe trip. Flights are booked. Well the main ones to and from Melbourne.

Now comes the bits and pieces. It’s expensive and I’m a bit anxious.

Flights were very expensive. Part of me was like should have booked last year. I paid 2.8K for the return flights as I wanted night flights so I can sleep on the plane.

That was $300 more. Then I stuffed up the stop over in Singapore which turned out okie as it meant I didn’t need to book a hotel. The hotel I wanted to stay in was $350/night 😩

I’ll land in Paris late August to wander around for a few days and then fly to Rome to join my tour. Hotels were expensive so I ended up with a 2 stars hotel for 1K for the 4 nights. It’s tiny but just a place to sleep. It’s free cancellation til when I leave so will hunt around and see if there are any better ones.

Still waiting for confirmation from the tour company for Italy. Then I’m set for that leg.

After that tour I’ve got 12 days left as free days. Not sure where to go. But I’ll have to make my way to London to fly from Heathrow home.

And that is it! I’m on my way. I’ve never been to Europe. Figured I’ll go by myself since no guy has ever taken me 😂

As for dating? I’ve deleted all of my apps. Going to take it easy. And guess who popped up?

The cop! He’s back this weekend from an overseas holidays. He’s asked me for another coffee date.

I said sure! Anyhow will see what he has in mind. I told him he owes me a walk. I haven’t seen him since last November. As he had an overseas assignment and because he’s a Federal police it’s all hush hush. He only told me about the assignment after it was done.

May be I’ve misread him? He seems like a nice guy. He tells me he’s not very social. He’s only got a small circle of friends. Hence why he’s still single.

This morning I declined a coffee date. The guy had young kids. Also he wanted me to drive and meet him in the middle.

Then he wouldn’t accept a no! And wanted to talk on the phone. I explained that first dates he needs to make an effort! Happy to meet half way for second dates. But not the first one. So that was that. Not my type. I like nice guys not bossy ones.

May be I’ll meet a nice guy on my tour 😂