I wrote another blog but it was too depressing so have returned it to draft.

We shared this and the next one between 4
Dinner and dessert came to nearly $150 for 4.

My kids took me to this place for dessert. It’s one of the many Asian dessert houses in Melbourne. It was okie. Expensive! Minimum of $10 per person so we had to order 2 plus a drink to make up to $40.

As for Mr Wanderer I’ve missed him. We met for dinner on Wednesday. We had Thai in the city. Silly me didn’t double check our order thus ordered the wrong thing.

We ended up with 3 dishes and rice for the 2 of us. I ended up paying. Then because both of us didn’t want left overs he tried to finish it.

The night was just awful. After dinner we walked to a bar . It was when we sat down with our drinks that I realised I didn’t have my phone complete with all of my credit cards.

So I headed back to the restaurant to find no one has handed it in. I was stressing out. Got back to the bar to tell him no luck.

Luckily someone handed it in at the bar. I’ve checked my bank accounts and looked like nothing has been taken out.

Restored my faith in mankind. Only thing was Mr Wanderer came down with the runs. He’s been sick the last two days.

Looks like who’s up there is plotting against us getting back together.

I asked him if he missed me? He said yes. I’ve missed him too. Have deleted all of my dating apps.

Have given up. I’ll just go to dance class. Getting to know my dance partners. They are young and so much energy! They make me feel young too!