I’m reviewing my hotels for my trip!

32K for 4 nights? What the? Looks like my hotel is still good value for $250 a night. Mind you it’s a 2 stars but from the review close to the station and clean and about 10 minutes walk to the Louvre.

I met up with one of my tour guiding friends yesterday and she was like you’ll be fine. She gave me confidence in going alone if my daughter doesn’t follow me.

I tour guide for the ship most furthest away.

It was a happy bus! I love it as they were engaging and lots of laughter to be had. And best of all they tipped well. We ended up with $45 tip each.

I don’t expect tips but it’s always nice to get them. Plus it means they appreciate us.

My next tour isn’t until February so I get a bit of a break.

National Gallery of Victoria. Or NGV for short. It’s a must see as inside is a glass ceiling that was hand cut by a Lenny French.
A plaque to show where the circus used to be.

I took these when I went to the Latin festival the other night.

Looking forward to dance class tonight. Getting to know my classmates so always lots of chatting in class.

I need to go get change soon as Mr AM is coming around for breakfast. And some lovin’ .