Must be aligning.

We’ve met! He looks better than his photos. He’s funny. We went for a walk then a drink before my dance class on Monday. I was in the city early and he worked in the city.

This Sunday he’s picking me up to go to my cousin’s party.

He lives quite far from me. And for him to offer that’s really nice of him.

My cousin’s place is even further away which means he’s keen.

Anyhow one thing led to another I’ve texted my cousin to ask if I could bring a plus 1. And since he’s driving I said I’ll shout him to a nice Vietnamese dinner on the way back.

Not only that he can stay the night to save him driving back home. As my place is only 10-15 minutes drive to his work. I’ll set up the sofa bed 😂

He’s been very attentive. So we will see. My friend who’s also the same star sign as me messaged to say she hope I’ve met my match. Her husband is also a cat! Except he’s an older cat. I told her this one is a little kitty 😂

Every morning he’d text me. This was the one from yesterday.

“Good morning.. I know you’re super busy!! I also know you will be on fire making it all happen!! Have a smooth great day! 🙏”

Today is Australia’s Day. Some don’t like it calling it invasion day. It’s a holiday at least. I guess we could call the 1st of January Australia Day as it’s when we became a Federation. The thing is we will lose a public holiday 😂

I don’t have much planned today. Got to go groceries shopping this morning. As my kids are coming to dinner tonight. Mid afternoon Mr AM is coming for some lovin’.

If Mr Skywalker lasts the distance I’ll have to say bye to Mr AM. It will be sad but he was only ever temporary.

The thing is Mr Skywalker is even taller than Mr AM and Mr Boardie. He plays competition tennis so he’s fit. One thing though he’s dark like Mr AM 😂

And he’s a leg man 😂 He liked my legs photo on my dating profile 😂

What I like about him is that he’s got good teeth. And nicely clipped finger nails. That he’s attentive and funny. He told me he only finished high school but has worked his way up in his field. He looks after a team of 65.

So there you have it. Mr Skywalker aka Chewbacca as he’s hairy 😂