I’m going all in for Mr Skywalker. He’s really sweet. Every day he’d message me morning and night. Morning to wish me a lovely day and night to wish me sweet dreams.

We talked last night on the phone and it was over an hour. I’m optimistically hopeful though part of me is cautious.

He told me he even bought a little pressie for my cousin’s little boy who’s turning 1 on Sunday.

That’s so nice of him. I’m happy. He makes me feel wanted. And he’s good company. I could never talk to Mr Wanderer like that. Even though I really liked him.

Anyhow time will tell. As for Mr AM he came over on Thursday. We talked. So if tomorrow goes well that’s it for me and him.

He was like I can’t believe Chewbacca stole my girl. He’s funny. I do like funny men. The thing is I’m not his girl! Never was! Just his FWB.

That hasn’t change. I want a guy for myself. Not crumbs.